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Check out "After Tonight" from this top notch set of songs.

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UB40 - "Who You Fighting For?"

UB40 has been making great music for a few decades.  They are best known for their versions of Reggae roots classics with tight production, vocal harmonies and horns.  It's actually the 25th anniversary of their recording debut, the multi-platinum British eight-member reggae group and with "Who You Fighting For?" they have released one of their best collections of music yet.  With the glut of raunchy, angry dancehall music around, it is so pleasing when such a solid new set of conscious roots rocking Reggae hits the stores.  We got a pre-release CD and it has been in the CD player regularly since it came in - this is a gem.  Songs like "After Tonight", "Good Situation", "Bling Bling" ... no sense listing all the songs ... the CD is going to be heard blasting from club sound systems and beach bar speakers around the world.  It's infectious and laid back with a mix that includes tales of love and a good measure of political commentary.  

Birmingham ’s reggae kings have returned to form with an album of spontaneous pop reggae."  -The Daily Mail , UK

"Who You Fighting For? is the sound of a band completely at ease with itself. Sounding this relaxed must be hard work”
 - Q Magazine

"For the last few albums, UB40 often wrote different elements of the songs separately, but for this long-awaited return, they not only jammed, but wrote the songs together as a unit. By doing this and recording in an open-air style studio environment, the overall sound and quality of the album really shines through with Ali Campbell's voice sounding richer and more soulful than ever before. Who You Fighting For? includes signature ballads, politically charged lyrics, toe-tapping summer reggae tracks and wonderful covers, including an obscure track by The Beatles. The single 'Kiss and Say Goodbye' (originally performed by The Manhattans) is an infectious ballad that’s destined for radio ubiquity."  EMI.

"The lean skin-and-bone production and avoidance of MOR blandishments make UB40 seem meaner - and younger - than they have done in years." --Kevin Maidment 

Weaving together their revolutionary roots and pop sensibilities, UB40 delivers seven new originals and six covers, including a version of Lennon and McCartney's "I'll Be On My Way." The album has already garnered two Top 40 hits in the UK with the Indian-flavored “Reasons” and “Kiss and Say Goodbye.”  

The 13-track album, which Mojo Magazine called a “return to form for the UK’s best selling reggae act,” features tight arrangements and frontman Ali Campbell’s heartfelt, distinct vocals at the fore of a collection of originals and five covers of classic 70’s era soul and reggae.  Much of the album features songs infused with political, spiritual and romantic messages such as “Plenty More,” “Sins Of The Fathers” and “One Woman Man.” The album has already garnered two Top 40 hits in the UK with the Indian-flavored “Reasons” and “Kiss and Say Goodbye.”

 As befits a band who have had international hits with their interpretations of other people’s songs—“Red Red Wine” (1983) and “(I Can’t Help) Falling In Love” (1993) topped the charts in Britain and America —UB40 have excelled once more in their choice of covers on WHO YOU FIGHTING FOR?. This time, they have gone for The Jamaicans’ lilting “The Things You Say You Love,” The Manhattans’ Seventies soul classic “Kiss And Say Goodbye,” Matumbi’s “After Tonight,” a pivotal song in the history of British reggae, “I’ll Be On My Way,” a Lennon-McCartney tune which they recorded for a BBC session in 1963 (and was not released until 1994), and Gene Chandler’s 1970 hit “Good Situation.”   “To some extent, reggae has never received the recognition that it truly deserves,” says drummer James Brown. “But, if it hadn’t been for reggae, there wouldn’t be any garage, drum and bass or hip-hop. A lot of today’s dance music wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for dub.”


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